Find out the key features of Partner Portal
that helps your business to grow with Vendor Management Platform

A Wide Array Of Built-In Features

Manage your sourcing, procurement, billing & payment with ease

  • Online Vendor Registration
  • Simple & Smart RFQ Management
  • Easy Inventory Management
  • Purchase Order Automation
  • Order Management
  • Seamless Order Fulfillments
  • Invoice Generator / Integrator
A Wide Array Of Built-In Features
  • Trade / Non-Trade Bills
  • Bill Payments & Payment Tracking
  • Full Visibility & Transparency
  • Roles Based User Management
  • Catalog Management
  • Multi-Warehouse Inventory Tracking
  • Online Store Inventory Synchronisation

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End-to-End Vendor Management

Easy Vendor Onboarding / Self Registration (Multiple Ways)

  • Easy Vendor Onboarding: Simplified registration, automated approval and onboarding after document verification by Company or with e-vite function for vendors.
  • Self-Service Platform: Vendors can upload documents during vendor registration, update product inventory, get details on orders, payments & more.
  • Vendor Rating: Based on key performance metrics like compliance, quality, delivery time, etc.
  • Risk Assessment & Audit Status: To take corrective actions with sub-par supplier performance or off-board them.
Vendor Portal Management for Procurement

Distribution & Franchisee Management

  • Vendor registered as a distributor or Franchisee would be having a capability to raise the PO to procure the items to distribute among retailers or franchisee to sell at their store.
  • Payments against the single/multiple PO bills
  • Transactions to be available for company and vendor to view having complete information about the transactions.
  • Ability to see the inventory availability and in-transit inventory status.
AI-Powered Features for Automation

RFQ Process Management

  • Create, process, authorize, and track purchase requests within organization
  • Create requests for quotations by just selecting products and vendors on the portal
  • Intuitive Quotation Requests, Review and Approval Workflow.
  • Dynamic Quote Submission, Negotiation and Seamless Quotation to Purchase Order Transition
  • Advanced Analytics to enables businesses to choose the top supplier with the best value.
AI-Powered Features for Automation

Contracts & Renewal

  • After the vendor onboarding there are options available to sign legal contract on the DocuSign or Adobe sign. So that both the parties have legal terms of trade signed.
  • Reminders notification to renew contract before 30,15 days prior to contract end date.
  • System will force the vendors and company to renew or end the contract for having the trades going on.
Purchase Automation

Digital Catalog Management

  • Vendor can upload the Catalog items as an individual item, also bulk upload of items can be done along with the image assets.
  • Images uploaded through the tool will get mapped automatically with the products uploaded using bulk upload tool.
  • Catalog inventory would be available based on the different warehouse locations, and inventory can be tracked as per locations.
Pricing Efficiency

Work Order / Transfer Order Management

  • Creates a purchase order for the supplier, which is the branch/plant that ships the items.
  • Creates a sales order for the supplying branch/plant to the customer, which is the receiving branch/plant.
  • Processes the inventory amounts on the transfer order as a formal purchase and sale of goods.
  • Creates documents, such as pick slips or invoices, that are necessary to complete the transfer.
Invoicing & Payment Tracking

Purchase Order Automation

  • Procurement Automation: From purchase orders to bill approvals, settlement, and closing of POs - with option to set validity for automated closure
  • Cater Efficiently to Demand: Generate POs without buyer intervention as per demand requirement, with correct allocation to one or more suppliers
  • Pick-Pack-Ship Options: Fulfil orders in the most efficient way, ensuring optimal inventory utilization
  • Track Shipment in Real Time: 3-way matching with notification on price or quantity variance
  • Landed Cost: Auto-calculation of landed cost of each product, considering all final bills and proportioning cost to products
Ease of Use & Compatibility

Invoice Generator, Billing and Payment Transactions

  • Automated Billing Solution to send invoices if 3party solution is not integrated.
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Better Financial Control with multi-level pre-approved purchase limits
  • Transparent View on payments, adjustments, etc.

Other Value-Added Features
Unique To Partner Portal

Invoice Generator Vs Invoice LoaderInvoice Generator Vs Invoice Loader

If any of your vendors already use an ERP or billing software for invoicing - like Tally, QuickBooks, etc., they need not use the inbuilt ‘Invoice Generator’ in Partner Portal. They can directly upload invoices from their existing system to Partner Portal using the ‘Invoice Loader’ feature.

The uploaded invoices will then be read by the system’s AI-enabled OCR and be automatically saved in the system format. Furthermore, these invoices can be reconciled with the Bank Statement within the Partner Portal.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)Digital Asset Management (DAM)

DAM allows employees across your company to store, search, collaborate, and share digital assets on a secure, centralized platform with maximum efficiency.

With our DAM-integrated Partner Portal, you can display a 3D model of your stores across locations for marketing & promotion purposes. You can provide specific space & time slots for your vendors to advertise or showcase their products / services with pricing, making it an attractive sales proposition.

Franchisee ManagementFranchisee Management

Handle both your vendor and franchise network on the same platform, in a hassle-free manner.

Partner Portal gives you the flexibility to manage multiple business models, across geographies. Vendors that are registered as franchisee, will automatically earn a commission on sale of their products / services based on the percentage fixed in the contract at the time of onboarding.

Services as a ProductServices as a Product

Partner Portal is a truly versatile Vendor Management System for both product and service-based businesses, with pre-built tools to accommodate ‘services’ also as a product.

Since there is no inventory management required for services, each service can be listed with fixed, conditional or subscription-based charges. Services such as credit card or utility bill payments of multiple service providers, can be handled with ease on the platform.

Unlimited & Secure TransactionsUnlimited & Secure Transactions

The system can be configured to handle large transaction volumes with speed and efficiency, in a highly secure ecosystem to ensure business continuity.

It can host a competitive and transparent bidding platform to get the best products or services at the least rates from your vendors, ensuring customer delight and helping to grow your business.

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