Frequently Asked Questions

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Partner Portal offers a single platform to manage all your partners, vendors, suppliers, or franchisees efficiently.

Partner Portal stands out from other vendor management systems with its unified automated features. Unlike any other vendor management systems, Partner Portal helps with quick ERP (Enterprise resource planning) integration, to synchronize all your vendor records with your ERP so you can operate from a single unified platform. Our EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) support enables real-time bi-directional update of all records via EDI to various platforms. It empowers businesses to streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and optimize vendor relationships for sustainable growth. Partner Portal has different Matrices to rate their vendors, currently, we have 6 Matrices, and parameters may include quick response on PO & Delivery timelines.The unified features empower businesses to streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and optimize vendor relationships for sustainable growth.

The Partner Portal covers integrated processes from procure to pay, enabling end-to-end integration. This comprehensive coverage reduces sourcing cycle time by 50% and enhances control over spends, resulting in more efficient procurement and financial management. 

Partner Portal offers visibility and real-time data insights, enabling improved spend management. 

Purchase Order Automation by Partner Portal streamlines procurement processes, automating purchase order generation, bill approvals, settlement, and closure. It efficiently caters to demand, optimizes order fulfilment, tracks shipments in real-time, ensures accurate cost calculations, and enhances overall procurement efficiency. This automation improves operations, reduces manual work, and enables cost savings for your business.


Partner Portal provides easy vendor onboarding and self-registration through multiple channels.


Yes, Partner Portal offers features for invoice generation and supports third-party invoices. 

Yes, Partner Portal allows you to access reports, vendor scorecards, and other performance related statistics. 

Partner Portal prioritizes the safety and security of its users. The platform operates in a highly secure ecosystem, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and transactions. With robust security measures in place, Partner Portal provides a safe environment for businesses to manage their vendor relationships, procurements, and other activities.


Partner Portal is a highly customizable platform suitable for multiple industry verticals. It caters to efficient management, communication, and collaboration with partners, suppliers, and vendors across various industries. The platform can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of any industry, making it a versatile solution for businesses across different sectors. 

Vendor Onboarding

Vendors can be onboarded on Partner Portal using the "Bulk Import" feature where all the existing vendors of the business can be uploaded at once. Alternatively, vendors can be onboarded one by one using the Vendor evite option. Both these options are available on the Manage Vendors section

How to onboard bulk vendors?

Login/Access Related

Navigate to website click on Vendor Access button in header.:// click on Vendor Access button in header.

Company FAQs

We offer three convenient methods for onboarding vendors through our Manage Vendors module:

1. Company-Initiated Onboarding:

· Our company administrators can manually add vendors directly into our system. This method provides a personalized approach to vendor onboarding

2. Invite Link for Vendors:

· To simplify the onboarding process, company representatives can generate a unique invite link and share it with vendors. This allows vendors to easily register and join our platform with minimal effort.

3. Bulk Upload for Efficiency:

· For streamlined onboarding of multiple vendors at once, we offer a bulk upload feature. Simply upload a CSV file containing vendor information, saving valuable time and effort.

To approve vendors in the "Manage Vendors" module on our company site:

· Go to the "Manage Vendors" module.

· Find the vendor you want to approve.

· Click "Edit."

· Enable the vendor's status.

· Save your changes.

This process ensures vendor approval on our platform

Partner Portal has role-based access management where each role is restricted to their own set of activities that they can perform. To manage user roles and permissions:

Access the "Manage Roles and Permissions" module.

Select the role that you want to update permissions for.

Add/Remove privileges from the options available. Save the role permissions.


To create company staff in the "Manage Staff" module:

· Locate the "Add Staff" option.

· Fill in all required staff information.

· Click "Save" to create the new staff member.

Partner Portal can be connected to your ERP very easily by setting up the API key & other technical parameters in the Configuration Panel. Once setup 

To create a purchase order:

· Access the "Purchase Order" module.

· Click on "Create PO."

· Add product details such as product name, vendor name, or manufacturer.

· Select the desired products from the displayed list.

· Specify the required quantity and click "Add" to add them to your cart.

· Check your cart and select the nearest warehouse location.

· Click "Create PO" to generate the purchase order.

Following these steps, you can efficiently create purchase orders on our platform.

To approve a purchase order in the "Purchase Order" module:

· Find the purchase order with a "Pending" status.

· Click on the purchase order to view details.

· Click the "Approve" option

Upon approval, the status will change from "Pending" to "Approved" in our company site's Purchase Order module.

To export a purchase order:

· Access the "Purchase Order" module.

· Find the specific purchase order you want to export.

· Look for the "Export File" option.

· Click on it to initiate the export process.

Your purchase order will then be exported in CSV format.

Vendor FAQs

Login credentials will be provided by the company once vendors are onboarded.

You can reset your password by using the "Reset Password" option on the Vendor Sign in screen

To add warehouse locations:

· Access the "Location" module.

· Click on "Add Location."

· Fill in the details for each warehouse, including address lines (Address 1 and Address 2), country, and state.

· Click "Submit" to save the warehouse location.

This process allows you to efficiently manage and organize your different warehouse locations within our system.

"To upload your catalog, go to 'List Products,' click 'Add New Products,' and enter all the product details along with pricing information."

To add staff members:

· Access the "Manage Staff" module.

· Click on "Add Staff."

· Fill in the general information, including username, email, name, and role.

· Initially set the status to "Enabled."

· Save the information to create the staff profile.

This process allows you to efficiently add and manage staff members on our platform.

"In the 'Purchase Order' module, click the 'PO' button, and you can choose to acknowledge, accept, or reject as needed."

To export a purchase order:

· Access the "Purchase Order" module.

· Find the specific purchase order you want to export.

· Look for the "Export File" option.

· Click on it to initiate the export process.

Your purchase order will then be exported in CSV format.